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Another wizard in Avalon

Alura at Mirror Lake

I’m coming to the end of the month of membership I purchased on my third account in order to participate in the Double Garden event in January.  Last night I got Alura N. through Mirror Lake and today I completed the quest for the key to Avalon.

She joins Heather G. and Jasmine R., who are most of the way through Avalon and four other wizards who completed Avalon and are in Azteca.   7 wizards on three accounts who’ve made it through Zafaria and into Avalon!

Unless I decide Alura needs Plant All, this is probably the end of the road for her since the third account was always intended to be mainly for starting wizards, running them through the first couple of worlds, deleting and starting new ones.

Now, with a few days left, I’m pondering whether to stop where I am, which is with Heather having gotten Plant All and her level 75 spells and Alura finished with Zafaria.  Both are beyond my original plans for the two gardeners/suppliers of snacks and reagents for the account.  Tempting to get Heather and Jasmine through that last stage of Avalon and into Azteca…  Or maybe more tempting to try to push Alura to Plant All though that’s a LONG slog into Avalon and I’m not sure I want to devote the next few days entirely to that…


The two account advantage

When I was working on writing my guide to the game, I wound up starting a second account so I could (1) try out some of my advice from the beginning levels, and (2) so I could check out  (a) how much you can do for free and (b)  how it is to play beyond what’s free with a small crown budget only.

Having started three wizards on the second account I’ve kept playing  two of them along.  One day one of them hit a hard dungeon and no one teamed up.  So I revved my other computer, logged in to my first account and brought in Morgan, my highest level wizard –at that time about 65, now 73.

It wasn’t too hard to work both computers.  One was to the side and I used “go to location” for the most part to port her to the wizard on the computer in my lap.  I can run one around with the keyboard at an odd angle to me, but it’s easier to port.  With the ability to be my own buddy, suddenly those tough dungeons became so fast and easy!

Minions and henchmen have all those maddening habits like taking your traps and failing to heal you.  That stuff doesn’t happen when you’re running two wizards.  I love the ability it gives me to use them to each other’s advantage.

Then Morgan hit a tricky dungeon in Zafaria (future post will give more specifics) and I read some advice that the trick is hitting the boss with over time spells.  So I ported in my then level 30-ish Fire wizard, Tatiana, from the second account with her deck full of Fire Elves and Links, plus the usual assortment of blades and traps.  Morgan’s deck held lots of Poison and with the two of them lobbing over time spells they finished in no time.

At the moment I have the secondary account on a 60 day membership from a gift card and I’m racing two of the wizards as fast as I can to reach level 50 and the ability to go critical and equip gear that boosts critical and critical block.  Morgan has hit the super tough final piece of Zafaria so I’ve paused her quests.  Instead I have her helping Tatiana F. and Rylee W., a Life wizard, zoom through Dragonspyre and Wintertusk so they can help her in Zafaria.

The nice thing about those $10 (30 days) and $20 (60 days) gift cards is that you can race through a lot of areas you might not care to spend crowns on.  You get the XP and the drops and the leveling up and ability to move ahead and unless there are spots to which you’d like to return –for instance, I’ll probably buy access to all the entry areas where the main vendors are–you don’t need to spend crowns for permanent access.