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A little more Monstrology

Monstrodome Recipe

So far I’m hanging in on the effort to get enough animi to make a Monstrodome.   Feeling more doubtful every day whether I can stomach 201-600 rounds with Lord Nightshade, Lady Blackhope and Foulgaze  (67-200 apiece).

I’ve spent 15-30 minutes one or twice a day working on Foulgaze and Lady Blackhope  and it’s mind-numbingly boring.  For all that time spent, I’m one battle away from having 3 of the 10 cards worth of animi from Foulgaze and enough from Lady Blackhope to make 2 of 10.  That’s a whale of a lot of battling left to do considering I’m already totally burned-out on this…

I also decided to explore the Expel spells a little since I knew nothing in my first post on Monstrology.  All that fighting Lady Blackhope means I also collected a bunch of Skeletal Corsair Animi from her minion since I’m enchanting Deer Knight with Extract and casting it every time.  Only minions have Expel spells –can’t get one for a boss.  Since I had all these spare Skeletal Corsair Animi I made a couple of those cards.

Initially, since he looks just like them, I assumed you could use it on a Skeletal Warrior in the street not far away, but no, it only works on her minion.  Her minion used to be a Skeletal Warrior too but for this they’ve left him looking exactly the same and changed his title.  The Expel Skeletal Corsair card only works on this one creature who seems to be only in this one place.  Not sure what the point of that is???  The one I used on a Skeletal Warrior put the X on his circle and then did nothing so I had to hit him with another damage spell.

You make a treasure card using 15 Skeletal Corsair animi and 2000 gold and put it in your treasure side deck.  When you move it into your “hand” you can target the Skeletal Corsair and when it hits him that’s it for him.  A big red X appears across his/her circle and then the creature disappears.  Since I’m working on Monstrology with a level 92 wizard, it’s seeming pretty pointless since I can defeat many of the creatures in Wizard City with one unenhanced wand spell…

If you have the patience to work your way high enough in Monstrology to have an Expel for some creature on, say, Azteca, I can imagine maybe it could be helpful to be able to just automatically knock one opponent out with a single spell.  But most of us are using big AOE spells by then–which lets us knock out all the minions or mob creatures at once–so I’m hazy as to when this would be much of an advantage.

Really the only part of this I find kind of fun is making a guest.  The only thing is I’m not that in love with most of the creatures you fight; if I’m going to turn some of the characters from the game into “guests” in my houses I’d prefer some of the NPCs like Tashio or Baldur Goldpaws or Sir Reginald Baxby…  You know, nice…  not creepy…  not enemies…


August 2016 Updates

KI announced some more updates to the game today.  To see the full list go here.  I’m just going to mention a couple of the more significant items.

The big news is you can now buy an elixir in the Crown Shop that skips a wizard past all the early worlds straight to level 50 and Celestia.  You have to have at least one wizard on the account who’s already over level 50 and the cost is 30,000 Crowns.  You’ll be given all the school spells you’d have normally earned by that point, a set of level appropriate gear, your level 48 pet and the regular training points you’d have earned.

It’s not clear to me about the other training points.  I’m assuming you could still pick up Professor Zeke’s quests or any other side quests that lead to training points.  Of course a lot of Professor Zeke quests would require you to go back and do major dungeons in order to pick up a cat or an oyster, etc.  And presumably all the side quests on each world are still there to be picked up if you choose to do some easier quests.  I’m also assuming that all the areas you would normally have had to earn access into will be opened up.

Personally, I love the lower worlds and can’t imagine wanting to skip over the part that’s easy and fun to do so I don’t think I’ll ever be spending 30,000 Crowns to skip the early stages, but if you’re anxious to get a bunch of wizards up to the higher levels and you’ve already gotten one past level 50, here’s your shot at skipping.

New friend box

They’ve changed the friends list box that opens up if you click on another wizard or on the fist in the upper right corner of your screen.  It now opens with a full picture of the wizard or a new version of the friends list and a series of icons on the left and the right for checking out the wizard’s stats or porting to him or her, etc.  One of the times I tried looking at the stats, the stats box opened over the friend box, didn’t have an “x” to close it up again and it covered the x for closing the friend list so I had to quit and come back in to get rid of it.  Other times it has worked OK.  So far I find it less easy to use than the old one but maybe it just takes getting used to it.

There are also a bunch of changes in PvP that don’t really mean anything to me since I don’t play PvP.  Check out the update page if you want to know more.  Another one I was pleased to see is a reduction in the endless defeat and collect quests in Celestia and Zafaria.   I have enough wizards who are either in Celestia or who still have both worlds awaiting that I’m delighted to know it won’t be such a grind the next time(s) through.

There’s a new fishing trainer in MooShu who offers two more quests plus some other changes to fishing.  I find fishing a total bore, so some of the changes don’t mean much to me.  Again, check the update page if you’re doing the fishing quests.

And there’s a long list of small changes to this and that at the bottom of the update page so you can see if there are updates relevant to you.


Update and Training Points Buy Back

Aegon Statz_edited

As of today KI has added a lot of updates to the game.  The biggest new feature is a Daily Assignment set of quests, in which you receive not only the usual drops for any battles you fight but also get other rewards, from gold to crowns to arena tickets and more.  There are also a few new bosses in the skeleton key series and lots of fixes.

To start the Daily Assignment quests you go to Aegon Statz, in front of the girls’ dorm in Ravenwood.  He starts you off with a quest to battle Gobbler Scavengers (the ones closest to the entry) in Colossus.  For all my wizards so far, one battle seems to do it.  Then you get a housing item you can place in your house or dorm and click on it every day to find out the day’s assignment. You can also keep going back to Aegon for them.

I’ve tried it for several wizards at different levels and the first assignments seem to be geared to the level of your wizard and where he/she has earned, as ones at a similar level got the same quest and others got easier or harder  (at least as far as where they went) depending on level.  These little quests so far don’t show up in the Quest Book, so if you, like me, tend to only half pay attention to all the little chat box instructions, you may need to read more closely or jot it down so you don’t have to keep going back to get the instructions again.

The other big news is there’s now a Gear Vault, which, like the Seed Vault, will hold 100 items.  It shows up as a platform and you can place any housing item on it.  You can buy one in the Crown Shop for 1995 crowns or get a recipe from Toshio in Mooshu for 15,000 gold.

Gear Vault in Place Object Mode

The crafting requirements are much more reasonable than those for the Seed Vault (which has eaten through my supply of Pink Dandelions and has me constantly waiting for Silver Trumpet Vines to reach elder harvest with fingers crossed for a couple of Braided Vines…).

  • One Reinforced Crate (sold by Aubert Quickhammer in Old Town and usually pretty easy to score at the Bazaar)
  • 30 stone blocks (not so easy to score at Bazaar but available all over the Spiral)
  • 20 Sandstone (I get them constantly dropped by Evil Magma Peas, so I have a huge supply; also an occasional “get” when you click on a stone block and clickable out on its own in higher level worlds)
  • 10 Mist Wood (again, available to click all over the spiral)
  • 25 Flawless Sapphire (easily purchased at a number of reagent vendors, including the guy right next to Toshio)
  • 25 Reshuffle Treasure Cards (easily purchased from several librarians, including Harold Argleston in Wizard City)
  • 10 Fairy Treasure Cards (also readily available from many librarians and usually easy to get at the Bazaar)

I’m so relieved that these are easy to make!

Unlike the Seed Vault, you can’t trade these, so each of your wizards who needs one will have to buy the recipe and make his or her own or make his or her own purchase in the Crown Shop.  There’s some chatter already about being able to place objects like dressers and armoires on it and have that item become the vault.  I can place items on it but they show up as two separate items and the icon for being able to open the vault and move stuff into it only opens for me if I click the vault itself (in place object mode) — nothing I place on it will let me click and open the vault from it.

Speaking of crafting, they’ve also added crafting slots so you can craft more items at one time.  I’m guessing the number will vary with the craft level the wizard has reached, but I haven’t had a chance to check that.

There’s also a training point buy back wherein members can buy back all their training points for free (instead of lots of crowns) and try a different set.  You have through Sunday to buy back, re-train and buy back again 🙂  The last couple of buy backs have led me to realize what a different experience the training points are for wizards who are in one of the schools (Ice, Death, Life) in which pretty much everyone wants to train certain spells versus the schools that have to get all of those spells through training points.  Post to follow soon.

There are also a lot of fixes to little stuff in the update.  You can check here for a complete list of updates.  And a change of camera angle has been added to certain quests in Wizard City, Krokotopia and Marleybone; haven’t seen any of them yet.  I DID have an odd experience in Mooshu, on today’s Daily Assignment quest (seems to be for wizards in the 50’s and 60’s):  as I fought Sorrow Whisperer, the camera angle moved so the bamboos behind my wizard blocked the view, meaning for most of the  battle I couldn’t watch any of the spells or see much of what was going on.  Hope the new changes aren’t offering more of that!

Check it out. Think about training points.  Enjoy Gear Vaults….

Seed Vault: A great addition

With the latest update, KI has brought us the Seed Vault, a solution to the too-many-seeds problem I’m sure many of us have longed to fix.  Up to now, seeds could only be in your backpack and counted against your limited slots.  Every time you had a big harvest your backpack overflowed and lots of seeds went into the Bank.

If you collected a number of varieties of seeds so you could rotate crops, you filled not only your backpack but also your attic.  I have some wizards with full attics containing almost nothing but seeds.  Since the advent of Double Gardening Reward days I’ve been struggling to find places for all the seeds. The Seed Vault lets you store up to 100 seeds you’re not using at the moment so they’re no longer clogging up your backpack and attics.

Seed Vault

Seed Vault

As you can see above, they’re cute.  They can be placed indoors or outdoors so you can have it wherever it’s most convenient for you.  At the Crown Shop they cost 1995 crowns and they’re not available for gold.  You can also buy a recipe for 10,000 gold from Toshio in Mooshu and craft them.

You can have one outside and one inside at each house.  You’re only allowed to have one in any given place, including your backpack.  To use it, you click on the Housing Item icon then go to the Seed Vault and click on it.  When the usual icon for turning or moving items opens there’s a picture of seeds at the top of it.  When you click on the seeds you open the list for the Seed Vault.  There’s a backpack tab to use for moving seeds from the backpack to the vault and a seed tab for moving seeds from the vault to the backpack.

I bought one for my first account but my crowns are low on all accounts and I’m not at place where I can buy more right now, so I figured I’d craft.  They’ve made the crafting pretty tough, in my opinion, and it looks like it may be months before I craft ONE.

Most of it is easy stuff, amethysts, mushrooms, mistwood and a couple of the new plant treasure cards that you can buy easily at the Bazaar.  The two stumbling blocks for me are the Five Braided vines and the 25 Pink Dandelions.

Silver Trumpet Vines

Silver Trumpet Vines

There are only three ways to get Braided Vines:

(1) as harvest drops from

Deadly Fly Trap
Face Palm
Goose Tree
Maelstrom Snap Dragon
Pink Huckleberries
Red Huckleberries
Silver Trumpet Vine

(2) purchase with arena tickets (600 each)

(3) as boss drops from:

I haven’t reached any of those bosses as far as I’m aware (and I’m pretty much over fighting bosses a hundred times to get one item) and I don’t do PvP or Pet Derby so I don’t have arena tickets.  That left me with gardening.  Again, some of the plants aren’t things I’ve ever encountered and several of the ones I have planted are more trouble than they’re worth.

However, I had some Silver Trumpet Vines from drops in Celestia so I figured I’d plant those.  They take a really long time– I haven’t clocked it but something like seven or eight days; I know I can get two+ crops of EMPs to elder harvest in less than the time it takes for one round of STVs.  I started with six and they do sometimes give you an extra seed at the final so I’m up to nine and I’ve harvested three or four times without getting ONE SINGLE braided vine.

Silver Trumpet Vines have a pretty long like list, so I’ve given them as many as I could.  The total list:

Tropical Garden Gnome
Red Barn Farm
Helephant Ears
Deadly Helephant Ears
King Parsley
Decorative Gong
Gong of the Oni

Pixies of course are iffy but they’ve had one most of the time.  Also Helephant Ears, King Parlsey, Tropical Garden Gnome , Decorative Gong and Red Barn Farm.  The only place to get Gong of the Oni is repeating the Tree of Life dungeon in Mooshu till you get one dropped from the Death Oni.  I’ve done it a few dozen times now without getting a single Gong of the Oni.  I’ve also sat on the decorative items tab at the Bazaar for hours and never seen one.

So, I have the STVs growing as fast as possible without the Gong of the Oni and it is still slow.  I’m going to plant Deadly Fly Traps for another wizard to see how that goes but my memory of growing them is that they’re a pain in the neck.  And the fact that there are no Braided Vines in my Shared Bank or any wizard’s reagent list tells me for all the DFTs I grew I never got one BV as a drop.

I have tons of Pink Dandelions on my accounts but I set up each wizard with a certain number –and it took HOURS of fighting mobs in Krok* to get that many.  If I start dumping 25 at a time into crafting Seed Vaults, it means back to hours and hours of fighting Charmed Slaves and Nirini thises and thats to replace them.  Or else spending weeks before crafting to get all I need for the recipe.  If you have endless crowns you can just buy all you need, but I have to get them through drops.

If you, like me, are playing on a budget and can’t afford to drop 1995 crowns for every wizard you have it’s a great option to be able to craft a Seed Vault, but be advised it may take you a long time to get the ingredients together.

* You can also get them pretty easily in Mooshu (among other areas) but the lowest level creatures you can fight for them — meaning shorter battles — are in Krok and just about every kind of creature and boss in KT drops PDs.


You can share houses now!

I didn’t have much time for the game when the test realm stuff entered the game last week so I spaced out about the new ability to pass a house through the shared bank.  Shifted the first one yesterday!

Savannah E gets a new house

Morgan D. passed her first house, a nicely decorated (if I do say so myself 🙂 ) Wooded Cottage to Savannah E., level 14.  Since I’m getting a little tired of collecting stuff and filling houses, I’m thrilled to be able to pass fully-loaded ones to new wizards.

I have a few wizards I’d probably like to delete when they get up a little higher and I’ll be more willing to do it now that I don’t have to lose the great houses I got in Bundles.

It took a bit of time to do this trade as I had a bunch of pets and a teleporter landing there and it turned out more of my decorations were “no trade” than I realized.  But so much faster and easier than starting from scratch!

Kudos to KI for a move I think most players will love!

Treasure Card Vendor Changes Complicate Crafting Assignment

I very rarely buy Treasure Cards from vendors unless I need something for crafting that’s hard to get at the Bazaar, so I wasn’t sufficiently familiar with the vendors and what they carry to understand the ramifications of the new changes that took some TCs away from certain vendors and gave them to others.

Until I tried to do Balthazar Dragonthorn’s second project, Flamesould Cloak, which requires some Nature’s Wrath TCs.  At the Bazaar to sell garden drops, I started trying to pick some up. No dice.

So I looked on line to see which vendor to visit and got Harold Argleston and Zane; apparently not updated to reflect that neither one has Nature’s Wrath any more.  So then I searched for other vendors and discovered the next vendor after those two is in Celestia.  You know, the world AFTER Dragonspyre, where she’s currently working on the crafting quest.

Since the wiki hasn’t been updated, I don’t know that it’s available there either (also don’t have anyone in Celestia at the moment, so haven’t wandered to Archivist) or possibly some place even farther beyond.  Since you need them for that quest, I don’t see how the move away from the original vendors is a shift that puts the cards to a “more useful” place.

I didn’t feel like firing up the other computer and sending someone to Celestia so she could port, so I finally wound up spending eons at the Bazaar, refreshing the Life TCs over and over to get enough Nature’s Wrath to complete the quest.

That’s the first place I’ve encountered where I’ve been impacted by the new reorganization of TCs and their vendors.  If anyone else has had this experience elsewhere, please add list it in the comments.

Update glitches?

I’ve had a couple of odd things happening ever since the update.  Not sure if it’s just some reaction my computer is having or if these are general problems.

As I mentioned in the first post I put up about the update, the game has opened up in an extra wide mode with all the icons and writing (like quest help) far smaller than normal.  That’s still happening.

Not sure if it’s related but in Grumpy Gobblers that seems to be translating into odd issues about perspective in the game.  Almost every time I’m trying to aim the cannon, the pet’s name becomes huge across the screen and blocks my view of the target:

Target Hidden in Grumpy Gobbler

In gardening, they’ve added a “favorite spells” tab; the game tabulates which ones you use most often and places them there.  I kept forgetting to try it because I’m so used to just casting from the spell tab.  I finally tried it and was startled to see the wrong spell animation unfolding.  Still took all the energy points. And the need was still there. Fortunately the spell that showed up was one I needed to cast anyway.

Thought maybe I’d accidentally hit the wrong spell so I tried to cast another.  This time I double checked what I was clicking on and same thing, completely different spell unfolded and took another batch of energy.  And this time it cast one that those particular plants didn’t need. Tried a third, same thing.  By then I was running low enough on energy that I switched over to the regular spells tab and cast the rest without incident.

I’m curious whether anyone else is experiencing any of these odd quirks since the update was made last week?

New teleporters in update!

Teleport by Chelsea baloon


Just did some questing for the first time since the update and found they’ve done a lot of reorganizing of the teleport system — so far I’m quite pleased.

Since I got another’s month’s membership, I decided to work on the two characters on the third account–the one that’s mostly for creating new wizards to take through the early stages and delete–who are gardening and pet training.  They could both use more energy and leveling up seems like a good way to get some.  I started off catching a few side quests in Marleybone and was so pleased to see they’ve changed the teleport system!

I’ve always found it odd that the teleport hubs are all a long way from the entry into the areas.  Now there’s a teleport by the balloon “station” and it takes you straight to the teleport hub.  So great not to have to waste time travelling back and forth through the mobs; not to mention no worries about being grabbed into a battle.

The hubs are reorganized too (at least in Chelsea and Hyde Park, the only two I’ve seen in MB) and SO much easier to know where each one will take you because the location is now noted by each one.

I usually use teleporters by hit or miss, choosing one, checking the directional arrow when I get there to see if I’m near my quarry and heading back to the hub to try another if I’m not.  This still requires that you know which teleporter a given NPC or mob is near, which means I’m still kind of hit or miss at the moment but I imagine with names on the teleporter I’ll eventually memorize more of that stuff.

Mooshu and Dragonspyre also have reorganized teleporters.  In Mooshu you still have get by mobs at the entry and into the village area to initially get to the hub.  But the teleporters have been moved around a bit and there’s a new one in Hametsu (haven’t been to other areas to check it out yet).

The only area of DS I’ve been in is the Drake Hatchery, where the teleporters, again, have been moved around a bit.  They’re slightly more convenient although you have to get across the street into one of those “islands” and it seemed like the mobs were thicker than usual.  Also, Castamir Silverdrake has been moved over by the hub so you don’t have to keep getting across the street every time you go back to him.

I saw a few NPCs in new positions as I wandered but failed to take notes.  One was the officer who gives the Kensington quest in MB; he’s now just inside the entrance to the station instead of back by the platform for Kensington.

Looking forward to checking it out in other worlds I’ve not visited since this change.

Jewel Socketing seems mysterious–too much?


pyrite (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So far I’m scratching my head about the new Jewel Socketing.  Initially I thought I’d enjoy it but I’ve put quite a bit of time in with nothing really to show for it.  For me that means I’m already considering whether I want to spend much more time trying to figure it out.

As previously noted,  I tried it first in the test realm and couldn’t really get anywhere as I couldn’t get hold of the metal required for the recipe I bought.  Now I’m having trouble with the real thing.

Info right now about where to find the different metals is sketchy, conflicting and often apparently not accurate.  So some of my problems have involved frustration over getting the ingredients.

I’ve also had several wizards buy a recipe that was level appropriate only to find that the ingredients to make it aren’t available until they get to some world farther down the road.  By which time, of course, a jewel with that level will no longer be level appropriate.

Part of socketing is basically another crafting process and you’re given a jewel crafting table with which to do it.  You buy a recipe (vendor list here) to make a jewel.  The ones I’ve seen are all mystery jewels — your only choice is which school and what level (varies with vendor/world).  Each one requires a metal, a jewel (confusingly, these are jewels you buy from reagent vendors and aren’t the same thing as the “jewels” you’re crafting) and a treasure card (number of each varies).

The process sounds easy except so far it appears they’ve set it up so you get the metals in drops in areas that are beyond the level of the lowest level wizards who are eligible for the recipes and/or require crowns for access; one-shot gauntlets and side-quest instances that crowns players normally wouldn’t have to purchase to advance).  You can also buy them at the Bazaar if you have lots of time to keep refreshing and trying to snatch one at a time –for 2500 gold EACH, which is too much for many lower level wizards.

Once you have a jewel, you have to choose a ring or athame on which to place it.  And there’s the next rub.  So far my experience has been that the random jewel crafted isn’t in a shape that any of the gear I’m currently equipping can use.

For instance, I bought a recipe for a level 15 wizard, Kiley L., thinking I’d start the process from the earliest level.  It required Pyrite and I quickly learned that Pyrite is only dropped in areas to which she won’t have access for anywhere from 5 to 25 levels (depending on whether she does all side quests).  At her level she also doesn’t have enough gold around to pay 2500 apiece for it.

So right away, some of the fun for doing it with her is gone because I had to bring in a higher level–40– wizard, Heather G to get the metal.  Saw that Tomb of the Beguiler (another Crowns cost for Crowns players) is supposedly a place where it drops and she’d never done it so I took her through.  Been a long time since I did that one and I’d forgotten how endless it is.  Two hours later she’d completed it all without receiving one Pyrite.

By today, more were selling at the Bazaar and Heather does lots of gardening which means she’s got an abundance of gold, so she went to the Bazaar and spent another age buying a few Pyrite to pass over to Kiley.

Kiley crafted the jewel, which turned out to be a triangle shape and would add a card to the item on which she socketed it. Next step is to open the spell book and look at  rings and athames to choose one for socketing.  You just click on the one you want to use–don’t need to equip it–and then click on the socket icon at the bottom of the book.

Already disappointed at getting a card instead of a stat boost*, I then realized that none of her gear could take a triangular jewel except the athame she got from Katherine Rockhammer for taking the initial quest. An athame with stats far below the one she has equipped.  So hours and hours of effort involving two wizards, 7500 gold for the Pyrite,  and several hundred more for the TCs, all to get a completely worthless jewel.

Because the recipes are all “mysteries” and you can get a different stone/stats, etc. every time you craft one, this could happen a lot.  Lots of time and gold spent for nothing. Since I have a couple of wizards who’ve made it into the 70s without having gear with this extra enhancement I don’t know that I see a big need to waste a lot of time trying to get the right jewel to show up. It won’t take many more efforts like this before I don’t want to be bothered.

* I’m really not crazy about gear that comes with cards; mostly they just screw up my deck and leave me doing more discards and waiting longer for the cards I need.

New update is here–Hang onto your wallets

While I give credit to KI for dreaming up a good game and working hard to think of ways to keep it fresh and fun, I never forget that the bottom line is profit and the latest updates, while containing some fun stuff, are designed to bring in more dough.  Also some new features that will be very handy for all members (not sure about availability for free players) like Join a Team.

Starting with the crown-eaters.  Take Bronze, for instance, and the one-shot gauntlets.  One of the new Metals required for the also-new Jewel Socketing recipes, Bronze is only available one place.  In the new one-shot gauntlet, Baddle of the Bands.  So 500 crowns to play through the dungeon ONCE. (Check here for a nice run-down on where to get the new metals)

It was tough in the test realm, since it wasn’t calibrated to match the number of opponents with the number of players going in.  So my solo Death wizard found herself facing four opponents in every battle and wound up defeated twice.  The Reset button only lets you get defeated once.  If you’re defeated a second time you can’t get back in — too bad for you that you paid 500 crowns…  I didn’t get to finish.  Thus I can’t vouch for how tough the last battle might be.

Apparently you can now set the toughness level before you go in (if that was available in the test realm it wasn’t obvious to me) so at least you can presumably guarantee that you’ll get to finish.  I’ve not seen any info on whether the different levels are designed to match specific wizard levels or to go with numbers of people playing.  I won’t be personally reporting on any of it because I can’t afford to join the Crown-spending fest they’re hoping for.

Based on my experience of drop rates, I’d guess you’ll be lucky to get one piece of Bronze per 500 crown trip through the gauntlet.  Since the recipes require several, you’ll probably have to pony up the 500 crowns a number of times to get what you need.

I’ve seen a few Metals already in the Bazaar, but not Bronze–too soon to tell if they’ve played their usual game of making this one unavailable in the Bazaar so you have to pay for the gauntlet in order to get it.

Another oddity showed up when I took level 16 Death wizard, Delaney D., in to try Jewel Socketing.  I bought a recipe from the Krok craft trainer and then realized it calls for “pyrite”, one of the new metals.  It’s available in drops–in Mooshu.  Why provide a recipe in Krok that you can’t make until you reach Mooshu?  I’ll have to log in a higher level wizard on the account to fight Sanzoku Bandits and pass Pyrite through the Shared Bank.

CORRECTION:  there’s more info out there today (4/22) and it appears the blogger with the drop list I used (see above) was wrong.  Pyrite is dropped in Tomb of the Beguiler (for a crowns player, yet another purchase… as it’s not required for main story), The Warehouse (Spiral) in Regent’s Square (requires minimum level 48 and spending more crowns for another side quest instance), and on three levels of Big Ben.  So still a situation where you basically can’t get it at the level where you can buy the recipe (unless you’ve skipped side quests and hit Tomb of Storms) and, if you’re not a member, you have to use crowns to get access to any of the drop locations.  I got this information from a nice list on the wiki, which I assume is more accurate.  Pyrite IS available in the Bazaar, though pricey for a leve 15, so far only one or two at a time, and it gets snapped up FAST.

They’ve added some pretty fun hairdos in the Crown shop.  And some new packs; a variety of specific reagent bundles plus Rockhammer’s Jewel Pack (399 crowns) and Mega Reagent Pack (250 crowns).  I bought one each of the two packs and wouldn’t bother to buy any more.

Lots of stuff there you can buy for gold or get from plant harvests or pick up, plus Treasure Cards I wouldn’t use.  Couldn’t they at least get TCs to match your school?  The reagent bundles are all for stuff I get in gardening drops so I can’t imagine what would make me spend crowns for them.

They’ve added the Join a Team feature that debuted in the Test Realm.  I’m still having the same problem I had there — no available teams.  In fact, for me, pretty much nothing shows up after I click to join a team.  The available worlds but no dungeon options and no teams…  I love the idea of this so I’m hoping one of these times I can actually find a team.

I note they’ve also changed “Team Up” to allow you to sign up and then keep moving around and doing other stuff while you wait for a team to form.  I loved the idea when I tried it in the Test Realm — in fact I suggested it when Team Up first started.  I’ll definitely be using Team Up more often now.

I’m SO pleased that you can now equip a pet while in the Pet tab.  Since I’ve been working on getting better pets through hatching, I’m constantly looking through the pet stats in the Pet tab and then having to move over to the Backpack pet tab to equip the one I picked.  It’ll be so much easier to just equip from the pet’s stats page.

I’m also having an interesting issue that suddenly the compass, the spell book, the plant menu, etc. are all much tinier than before — feel like I need a magnifier.  Also everything is kind of stretched across the screen so it appears slightly elongated.  Happened on all three accounts and I logged in and out of a couple of them several times.

Tinier compass etc.

The updates are far too numerous for me to mention them all here.  You can check on the KI site for the full lowdown.