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Double Pets yet again

Once more, I’m late giving a heads up about double pet xp — it’s been on for a couple of days and will end Sunday, February 24, 2018.  Usually it doesn’t actually get taken down till something like 8 or 9 a.m. central time so you can get in some extra training Monday morning if you’re so inclined.

Everything doubles:  the points you get for playing the games, the points you get for feeding the pet gear or housing items, the xp you get for feeding pet snacks.  You can zoom really quickly through the first few levels during this time, which means if a talent you don’t want shows up in the first 2 or 3 you know you don’t want it and can start over without wasting as much time as usual.

I’m still feeling kind of bummed by the poor showing on the last go-round, so I’m not bothering this time…


Another wizard in Avalon

Alura at Mirror Lake

I’m coming to the end of the month of membership I purchased on my third account in order to participate in the Double Garden event in January.  Last night I got Alura N. through Mirror Lake and today I completed the quest for the key to Avalon.

She joins Heather G. and Jasmine R., who are most of the way through Avalon and four other wizards who completed Avalon and are in Azteca.   7 wizards on three accounts who’ve made it through Zafaria and into Avalon!

Unless I decide Alura needs Plant All, this is probably the end of the road for her since the third account was always intended to be mainly for starting wizards, running them through the first couple of worlds, deleting and starting new ones.

Now, with a few days left, I’m pondering whether to stop where I am, which is with Heather having gotten Plant All and her level 75 spells and Alura finished with Zafaria.  Both are beyond my original plans for the two gardeners/suppliers of snacks and reagents for the account.  Tempting to get Heather and Jasmine through that last stage of Avalon and into Azteca…  Or maybe more tempting to try to push Alura to Plant All though that’s a LONG slog into Avalon and I’m not sure I want to devote the next few days entirely to that…

More pet blahs

After some more pet debacles during intense hatching and training during the birthday celebration, I eschewed the next two or three (or more?) Double Pet events, having thrown up my hands in defeat.  But I decided to do some training on incomplete pets and to try a bit of hatching between two of my accounts.

As usual, none of the pets have all five talents I was aiming for, though I’ll admit all the ones you see above are pretty good, so I’m just shrugging and settling for these as I’m again pretty much disgusted at the whole process…

Sword and Shield has been the hardest thing to get rid of — and it’s such a dumb ability, I can’t imagine why it’s even on offer.  The pet can randomly cast both a blade and a shield on you but pretty much 100% of the time the blade isn’t for your school and the shield isn’t one that helps against your opponents.  Useless.

In the early fall hatching, etc. I managed one pet that was what I wanted and have been unsuccessfully trying to get the same thing (quint heals–see pic below) for many of my wizards.  Last fall’s efforts included 12 unsuccessful hatches with a kindly wizard from the Adult Non-PVP players group…  Also something like 8 hatches between the wizard who has the quint heal pet on my first account and another wizard on my third account…  all unsuccessful though she is questing with the “best I could do” pet and it’s ok enough.

I keep wondering why KI felt the need to make it THIS hard to get a pet you want — and why they think this random bit–with the endless hours you can waste on a basically boring and tedious process–is fun.  The people with the patience to do this to have different pets for different circumstances for every wizard astonish me — can’t imagine doing it!! 🙂

Pack Sale


Adult Brainy Assistant from a pack

Through February 4, 2018, all packs are on sale at the crown shop.  As I’ve mentioned a few times, I find packs mostly kind of waste of crowns.  While you can sometimes score a pricey item of gear or a mount or a pet, an awful lot of them have a big bunch of nothing.  You can also get a free pack– head to this page to pick yours up.

But if you have an interest in trying for some items you can get through packs, these sales are the best time to take your chances and see what shows up.

A few thoughts on Loremaster

I’ve been off and on farming Loremaster with various of my Life wizards, hoping to get the permanent Pigsie for at least one of them.  I never did a lot of farming there and none of my wizards had made it much past the level where you generally pick up the quest (i.e. new to Dragonspyre; it IS possible to port to someone and pick up the spell before that) so it seemed really hard and I failed to notice some points about it that make it easier than it seems.

I’m not going to do a walk-through or battle plan, as there are plenty of those, just point out a few things worth noting:

  1. You’re always facing Loremaster and three minions whether you’re solo or on a full team.
  2. Two of the three minions cast NO damage spells and the third only has one but pretty routinely casts a bunch of other stuff before casting that one.  So, while their health looks formidable when you’re at that level (say 38-45), they aren’t as much of a threat as it seems at first glance.
  3. The minions cause trouble instead by casting weakness and traps on you, blades on Loremaster, and shields on themselves.  The Life one also heals them incessantly and casts Spirit Armor.  They also cheat, including stealing a turn at the start of the game and casting a bunch of stuff.
  4. The Ice minion casts a 40% weakness on your whole team in the initial cheat.  If you make your first cast a wand or one pip spell, you get rid of the weakness.  The second weakness it casts is only 20% so less important to ditch that one before you cast your damage spell.  Some wait until both have been cast and then launch a wand spell to get rid of all of it.
  5. If you’ve teamed up, before you freak and flee on sight of the opponents, check your teammates.  Lots of wizards level 100 and up farm this one and if even one is in there with you, he or she is probably going to wipe out the whole bunch of them by the second or third round.  You don’t really have to do anything.  If you’re already in the circle, look at their health.  Anybody with ca. 5500 and up in health is gonna be somewhere in the level 100 and up range.
  6. If you’re less than level 70 or 80 and any of your teammates are level 100 or more, just let them do it.  If you have a chance to blade them or cast a trap or feint for them to use or you can just shield yourself so you aren’t in danger of defeat, just do those things.
  7. Use AOE spells so you can get rid of the minions ASAP.  Once they quit casting all those obstructive spells, getting Loremaster is easy.
  8. Sometimes there will only be a bunch of low-ish level wizards on your team so you need to have a different strategy in mind in case there isn’t a level 120 to defeat the whole enemy team in one blow.

As I’ve mentioned before, I like a big fat deck and I really use a big one for teaming up here.  Since I never know whether I’m going to be the highest level (a couple of level 80-ish  and a level 93 Life) or the lowest or somewhere in between I prepare for different possible teams.  People move fast in here so you don’t have time to fiddle with your deck after you get in.

Mostly I plan on being support so I put more Feints and Spirit Blades in my deck than normal and try to make it easier for higher level folks to defeat Loremaster and her buddies faster.  Ninety percent of the time I’m in with one or more level 100+ wizards so that’s all I need to do.

Sometimes, though, I’m the highest level and I wind up both shielding and healing my teammates and delivering most of the damage to the other side.  Other times I’m maybe the second highest and I might cast Deer Knight (I’ve crafted it for Life wizards who have Death amulets) or Forest Lord to help along with knocking out minions or I might just put on traps and blades for the higher level person.  I like to go in with my deck prepared for me to take on any of those roles.

In the photo above, my wizard, Heather, is in between.  You can see the two to her right are much higher level (look at health) and the one to her left is much lower.  I mainly wound up adding a special Life Feint and a blade for the higher level Life but I also kept an eye on the health of the one to my left.  In this case she didn’t need help but I was prepared with shields and some heals if she did.

Most of the time with a team, it’s a pretty fast battle, so it’s an easy place to farm.  Personally I won’t farm the places like Waterworks that take a couple of hours even with a team — for me there’s no such thing as rewards worth that kind of time and I’ve pretty much never gotten ANYTHING worthwhile in those long dungeons….  Don’t let the fact that there are four of them nor the big health of Loremaster intimidate you.  This one is easier to beat than it appears when you first go in.

Double Garden benefits for non-gardeners

As the Double Garden event wound down and I kept taking wizards to the Bazaar to sell off the last of their harvests, I realized even those who don’t garden and don’t want to can reap some some benefits during the double reward events.

Plants routinely can drop:  (1) housing items; (2) reagents; (3) treasure cards; (4) pet snacks.  Many plants drop all of the above, some just drop two or three.  Those of us who do a lot of gardening generally have well-filled stores of reagents, TCs, etc.  When we start getting double we make a lot of trips to the Bazaar to sell things off as we keep hitting our limits.

Many treasure cards, snacks, plant-“like”-housing items and reagents that can be hard to come by at the Bazaar are suddenly being sold in copious numbers.  Not only can you sometimes pick up cards, etc. that usually require a long slog at the shop, but often because more are available, the price is better.

For instance, I grow Pink Dandelions quite a bit.  They drop

Ancient Scroll
Black Pearl
Blood Moss
Cat Tail
Crystal Vial
Lava Lily

and several of those — like Black Pearl — are much in demand for crafting.  They can take a lot of farming to get enough and I sell a bunch every time I harvest.  Evil Magma Peas, besides a similarly enticing list of reagents (including Scrap Iron!!!), also drop Feint and Tower Shield tcs, both of which are so sought-after the Bazaar often has none.  Couch Potatoes drop a bunch of level 5, 6 and 7 snacks at regular harvests; because they drop mega snacks at elder harvest, many of us sell all the other snacks, so items like Killer Tomato and Shanta Pudding that can be not only hard to grab but pricey can be more available and lower in price.

So even if you never garden and never will, you might want to take advantage of the next Double Garden Reward event by hanging out at the Bazaar stocking up on items you usually have trouble finding.  If you have particular items you want, check the wiki to see whether there are plants that drop them.  If there are, make sure you haunt the Bazaar for them on Double Garden days.

Double XP affected by DDoS attacks?

Besides the usual difficulties these attacks cause for getting into the game and getting kicked off the game, I’ve been noticing an impact on the harvest drops.  On two of my accounts for certain crops my wizards – and mostly two particular wizards- are getting no treasure cards.  Getting in and staying in has been such an issue I hesitated to try to plant some quick-growing crops but I’ve done it anyway so am interested to see whether the treasure card drought for these two continues.

For instance, one of the main reasons I grow Sword Ferns is to collect TC blades.  They normally drop blades at every level of harvest and then give even more at elder harvest, so if you get double rewards, there’s a boatload of blades.  Two of my wizards harvested 40+ Sword Ferns apiece at elder harvest as soon as the double rewards started and got … ZERO blades.

Now on these particular two accounts I’ve had an ongoing problem that the Harold Argleston warning about having reached the maximum number of treasure cards doesn’t work any more.  Not ever.  But I’m aware of it and am pretty careful about checking on how close to the 999 max I am and every time I’ve harvested a chunk of plants, I check in to see if I need to go to the Bazaar to sell a bunch off before I harvest more.  So realizing that my TC blade counts  had not changed at all after harvesting (including that I always sell or trade off all the ones for schools I don’t use so there should have been some piles of blades where normally there are none) that many Sword Ferns was a shock.

For these two accounts I’ve also been feeding a lot of seeds to pets and those wizards are not getting treasure cards for that either.  For Rylee W. (level 92 Life), there may be a bigger problem.  As noted in a recent post, I’ve been taking her in to farm Loremaster and she’s only getting one gear drop each time, with an occasional reagent added.  Nothing else.  Including no treasure cards at a boss who regularly drops more than one at a time.  So there may be something going on with this character where her programming is screwed up in some odd way that keeps her from ever getting a treasure card in any circumstances.

It also seemed like I got quite a bit less in the way of housing item drops than normal for certain crops.

Since KI seems to have taken to changing the growing times, drop rates, energy globe refill times, etc. to lower the benefits of these events, I’m not sure whether these drop issues are because of the DDoS attacks or are just part of the plan to reduce benefits?  Curious if others are noticing issues with the rewards this time?

A few hours of double pets and strange times at Loremaster

Miss Gigi at Mega

January 7, 2018

I”m again very late making note of a Double Pet Rewards event but you have till something like 8 a.m. tomorrow e.s.t. to train those pets for double points from the games and the snacks.   Hurry and you can get a few pets trained up while it’s still on.

Having been seized with a longing for one of my Life wizzes to get Pigsie, I’ve been farming Loremaster (the only place it drops) with three of my Life wizards.  Two of them have joined a Storm wizard in getting Krampus — pretty much useless to me for any of them as I don’t have a Fire Amulet and don’t intend to get one…

The Storm got it on her one and only battle with Loremaster before she was even in Dragonspyre by porting in to help someone, which led to me realizing you can pick up the Loremaster quest without having attained the world (she was almost finished with Mooshu and had done most side quests too so she was at a level that could have been in DS if she’d finished the main quests so I don’t know how low a level you could be to pick it up).

So today I put my one Fire wizard in just to see if she could get it and sure enough on the second try she got it.  Leaving me with four wizards who’ve gotten Krampus, three of whom won’t ever use it and one who will.  And no wizard has gotten any other permanent spell from Loremaster.  None.  Ever.  I keep thinking in these dungeons where you can get a spell dropped it would make more sense if KI tuned it up so you’re more likely to get the spell for your wizard’s school. But then I don’t do secondary schools…

Meanwhile I’ve been mostly farming with Rylee W., my level 93 Life wiz.  Not only is she not getting Pigsie but in almost every team she’s winding up directly across from Loremaster — which means she’s taking most of her hits — and only getting one drop.  Every time.  One drop.  And it’s always a low level item of gear, not any treasure cards, not any housing items and definitely no spells.  I’ve farmed it enough to know you often get 2 or 3 TCs, a gear item and a snack or a housing item so I find it very weird that randomly this particular wizard receives one and only one drop (besides the gold) 99% of the time.*

Meanwhile, back on the Double Pets.  I did decide to train a pet for my Fire wiz and wound up with a pet with 4 may-cast heals and a Fire damage boost, so pretty pleased.  The weird thing here was that I trained a bunch last night and then shut down.  Something like 14 hours later I got on today to finish mega and her energy had still not filled all the way back up from last night’s training.  I don’t have super energy gear, so she only needed to get to 114 from something like 6, but she’d only made it to 99.  In 14 hours.  Really?  I usually can come back after more like 8 or 10 hours and find the energy globe full.

I know many of us have been noting during Double Garden events that KI seems to be slowing down the growing time on various plants so there are several you can no longer plant at the beginning of a Double event and get it to elder harvest during the event.  So I’m wondering if now they’re also slowing down the refill time on the energy globes during Double Pet events?  Is anybody else having this experience?

Okay, so that’s my current noting of mysterious events in the spiral 🙂

What’s left of today is also our last shot at holiday drops and dungeons.  Have fun!

* Actually for Rylee, I’ve noticed her regularly receiving one drop to Morgan’s many a huge amount of the time when I have the two of them questing together, so it may not just be quirk of Loremaster … might be a quirk about Rylee 🙂

Funny time for dead zone

Picture 2017-07-10 23-56-41

On the Adult non-PVP group today people were commenting on the inactivity on Wizard101 and somebody mentioned it seemed odd to have nothing going on during a major school vacation time.  It’s a thought I’ve had every year.  One expressed hope for Double Garden XP; since I’ve had gardens sitting at elder harvest waiting for a double event since early October, I sure get that wish!

As I mentioned in the last post, every year KI just kind of disappears at the end of the 12 Days of the Spiral event.  A game that’s supposedly for children and they provide nothing in the way of extra entertainment or diversion during the whole Christmas vacation every year …  seems strange.

When they shut down for maintenance last night people were hoping there’d be a Double Garden or something special happening today but the Yule stuff continues.  You can still buy the Christmas housing items in the Crown Shop (most available for gold as well).  The holiday drops and bundles seem to be around and apparently will be through this Sunday, January 7, 2018.

Which means you can probably plan on waiting at least until next week to see any new or special activities in the spiral.  The holiday dead zone at Wizard101 continues…