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Try Baron Mordecai



During the last two Octobers I’ve been increasingly farming at Mordecai’s Tower instead of the Stormdrain.  Most of the Halloween drops you can get from Lord Nightshade are available from Baron Mordecai as well.  And for some reason I find most people behave better in there.

I’m not sure why such a different crowd is attracted there except it’s a little tougher than the Stormdrain (although it shouldn’t be for level 100 and up…)  But pretty consistently the level 100 folks who are in there politely wait for everyone to get in the circle before they wipe everyone out and some even bring lower level spells and give everyone a chance to participate.  Many will wait a couple of rounds so the lower level players get to make a couple of casts.  Now that’s what I call Team Playing!

To get the spell if you’ve not participated in Halloween festivities before, you have to complete quite a few of the quests Jack Hallow hands out in the Commons before you get the Baron’s Nightmare quest.  If you’ve done all the Halloween quests previously, you can go to Jack and pick up any or all that you want to do at once.  So you can get the quest right away and head to the Baron’s tower.

The Baron has 2,000 health, so I’ve seen some lower level wizards freak out and leave.  If you’re in with a team of four, you really don’t need to worry even if you’re all low level.  It’s perfectly do-able it just takes longer.  Check out the health of your teammates; if anyone has 2500 or more, you’re in really good shape because they could probably defeat everybody solo.  If there’s someone 4000 or up, the whole crew will probably be wiped out before you’ve taken a hit.

All the creatures are Death, which kind of simplifies things.  The minions are a Loathsome Creeper with 695 health and, if you have a full team, two Crypt Walkers with 1,000 health.  Sometimes the numbers of each change (two Loathsome Creepers and one Crypt Walker) but it’s usually the two CWs and one LC.   Helpful to Death wizards, the minions don’t seem to have any Death resist.

I’ve checked it out by planting a Death prism on one and then hitting them all with Deer Knight (an all enemies — AOE — spell, in case you haven’t encountered it):  all the minions had exactly the same damage whether they’d been “prismed” or not (so the prism also doesnt get you a boost for hitting with Life).  The Baron, on the other hand, has big resistance to Death, so if you’re going to cast Death, you DO need to get a prism on him.  [I find this a little odd as Death wizards who don’t have prism yet are allowed in there…]

I’m also a little surprised at the damage both the Baron and minions inflict, given how low a level is allowed in there.  They all seem to have Kraken and a few others that can hit for 5 or 6 hundred+ damage — big enough to wipe out a level 10, for instance.  So if you are lower level, be sure you bring shields and heals.  It takes a few rounds usually before any of them hits that hard, so if you’re in with one or more high level wizards you’re safe, but in case you hit a team that’s all low level, have the shields ready.  And make sure your health is full before you go in.

Farming the Baron takes a little more time than Lord Nightshade, but I find it worth it to get to Team Up with wizards who know how to play on a team and who are thoughtful about lower level wizards.