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Pack Sale

Through July 15, 2018, packs are on sale at the Crown Shop.  A couple of Halloween ones have been added back in as well.

I always waste some crowns on these sales but I stop with a few packs.  They all have a slim possibility of some pretty good stuff, but if you look at the lists, they also have loads of crap and that’s mostly what you get.  And some of the crappiest stuff repeats often.

I tried a few Wyvern’s Hoard packs, hoping for some of the energy gear, but after I’d collected 4 square hedges and some more useless junk instead, I gave up.  I know I run into people in the game who apparently spend hundreds a month on crowns and among other things, throw them at packs till they get what they want.

I can’t afford that, so I won’t be taking much advantage of the sale.  If you want to try for some of the good stuff packs occasionally yield, like Deer Knight pet or energy gear, the sale is the best time to try.


Daily Assignment event and Pet-a-Palooza

June 1, 2018  KI announced a Daily Assignment Rewards Bonus started today and will run through June 17.  They’re also offering Pet-a-Palooza, wherein you can buy pets and some pet-related items in the Crown Shop for a sale price.

The previous Daily Assignment events offered double rewards but I noted they’re carefully not saying double.  I haven’t done any of the assignments yet so I’m not sure what the “bonus” will turn out to be.  Since I haven’t found the Daily Assignments to be worth the time they take and have been less-than-impressed by doing it even for double rewards, I’m skeptical about how likely it is we’ll receive anything that justifies wandering to far flung corners of the spiral to fight battles that take as long as finishing quests with far greater rewards.

The pets can be up to 50% off, which means many will be less off.  Personally I’d say go to the hatching kiosk and find a pet with the talents you want with which to hatch.  Many — if not most — in there require gold only and the ones that require paying something in crowns offer way lower crowns prices than the pets in the shop.

Or better yet find a friend (there are also Facebook groups you can join where you can ask to hatch for specified talents and many people who generously offer pets who have just what you want.  You can also specify the type of pet and the talents so you can get one for whom somebody else has already hatched to the perfect talent set.  No crowns at all.

But if you’ve had your eye on a favorite Crown pet and you can’t find someone with whom to hatch, now is a good moment to save.

Double Gardens at last

May 25, 2018 Yesterday KI announced a Double Garden event through Sunday.  Been a long wait!

During this time you will receive double drops of all kinds for every harvest (mature or elder) — tc’s, xp, housing items, snacks,reagents, seeds, gold.  I’ve had many gardens sitting at elder harvest waiting for this.  Just from this one set of harvests I’ve largely restored the gold supplies I depleted for many wizards during the double pet event last weekend.

There isn’t enough time to get very many types of plants to elder if you plant now, but a few things like Evil Magma Peas and Couch Potatoes move quickly enough that you could get a couple of mature harvests.  I think Double Garden days are one of the best deals KI offers so take advantage.

It’s especially a good chance to double up on seeds you normally either have to buy with crowns or farm for endlessly.  And those double mega snacks — can’t beat the impact on your supplies of those.

Free Gold Skeleton Key

You can log into your account on the Wizard101 site, click on redeem card or code (shows up in the list under your account name after you log in) and use this code:  festgift2018

You’ll receive a free gold skeleton key which you can redeem on your account the next time you log in.

Mega Snack Pack sale today only

April 9, 2018

Today only you can get 40% off on Mega Snack Packs in the Crown Shop.

Personally I get my mega snacks from gardening and save my crowns but if you don’t like to garden, this is a good chance to stock up on some mega snacks.  If you want to get the most use from them, my advice is to buy them now and wait for a Double Pets event to use them so you get double XP from each snack.  For instance, Fancy Yogurt’s 50 XP becomes 100 XP during a double event.

Another Double Pets — and no Double Gardens… still

April 5, 2018

KI started yet another Double Pets event today, just after some of us were commenting on the adult non-PvP Facebook group about hoping for a Double Gardening event.

I gather KI either (1) makes more money off elixir sales or (2) loses less in crowns since double gardening helps people expand their seed supplies without purchasing or (3) maybe both, with the double pet events, so the Double Garden events have become few and far between.

As usual, I have many wizards hanging out with full gardens at elder harvest, now for something like 2 or 3 months, waiting for a double event.  Sometimes I wind up needing gold and having to harvest and replant before an event finally comes around…

Meanwhile, through Sunday, April 8, you’ll receive double XP for both pet games and pet snacks.  At the moment I still feel like it’s mostly a big waste of time or a crap shoot in which I spend way too much boring time with little chance of getting what I hoped for, so don’t know that I’ll be taking advantage.  And it sure doesn’t inspire me the way the garden events do to buy a membership for my non-member accounts to participate.

I wonder how much they really lose in crowns for seeds since many of us build (built) our gardens by farming for seed drops.  For me, the double events just meant I was able to build my supply faster — for which I felt so incredibly grateful as I don’t enjoy endlessly fighting the same mobs over and over 🙂  I didn’t pay crowns for the seeds to begin with.  And some folks try to plant more during the event and harvest another round and buy elixir to do so.  I’m curious how much more they profit from double pets than double gardens?

Bottom line, if you’re still working on pets, this is a good time to speed up the training.  If you’re waiting for double harvests in gardening, don’t hold your breath.

Pack giveaway

March 27, 2018  There’s a giveaway at Wizard1o1.  With the code PRGMRGift, you receive a Castle Magic Pack.  Not sure how long it lasts, but possibly the end of this month.

Go to the home page for Wizard101.  Log in.  A drop down menu shows up under your account name (see photo above).  In the list it says “Redeem Card or Code”.  Click on that and a small window will open with a “captcha” word to copy and a place down below to put in the code.

The next time you log in to the game you can redeem the pack.  The one I’ve redeemed has only housing and castle magic items.  I don’t really do anything with castle magic, so most of what I got is just a mystery to me.

Pack Sale


Adult Brainy Assistant from a pack

Through February 4, 2018, all packs are on sale at the crown shop.  As I’ve mentioned a few times, I find packs mostly kind of waste of crowns.  While you can sometimes score a pricey item of gear or a mount or a pet, an awful lot of them have a big bunch of nothing.  You can also get a free pack– head to this page to pick yours up.

But if you have an interest in trying for some items you can get through packs, these sales are the best time to take your chances and see what shows up.

Good membership sale


Colossus Holiday Dungeon Sigil

KI is offering the membership deal I think is possibly their best.  Now through January 4, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. you can pay $74.99 and get a year of membership plus 13,250 crowns.  And the mystery discount deal is still going on (I think through the 31st? — they’ve taken down the page with the info) so if you haven’t used it yet you might get the deal for less.

One year I lucked out and got the 50% off discount on this deal!  Now that is a fantastic membership price.

In the meantime, we’ve hit the point I think of as the annual dead zone.  Once the 12 days of the spiral finishes, KI seems to shut down other than techs and nothing new happens for something like 3 weeks.  The holiday dungeons will still be there and you can farm for drops.  But no double pet or garden events, 5 BOXES or Lost Pages, etc. will be coming and going until a bit into January.  So enjoy the remaining time with the special holiday stuff and don’t expect surprises for a while.