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Five B.O.X.E.S. is back

WC Telegraph Box

I’m a little late in posting as this has been going on a few days now but the Five B.O.X.E.S. are back and will be around through May 20, 2018.  Some special drops and a chance to do some dungeons that aren’t around most of the time.

There’s also a recipe vendor in each box and some great housing items to craft.  The catch is every recipe requires at least one sonic spring and the springs are only dropped in these B.O.X.E.S./dungeons and not very often there.  I have a stack of recipes and a lot of stuff I’ve never made because of it.  But if you want to craft those items you need to take advantage of the B.O.X.E.S. events to get the sonic springs.


BOXES and Double Daily Rewards

The Five B.O.X.E.S. have been going for a week or so and a double experience for Daily Assignments event just started.  Both will end on March 4, 2018.

I started to do a little farming in the WC box for sonic springs, but as usual, one spring in multiple runs through.  It’s 4 battles in there plus running around quite a bit and I lose heart when I keep having to put in that much time and not one of the battles produces a sonic spring.

I’ve mentioned before that I don’t find the rewards for Daily Assignments to be worth the effort they often entail, so I rarely do them.  I check to see what it is and mainly only do the ones that involve just going some place easy to get to.  They like making you fight a battle (and often some place remote) or to go to some obscure place that takes quite a while to reach.  In the same amount of time I could generally earn more XP and more drops doing other things, so I have yet to see the value.

However, I am slightly more interested when the rewards double.  Not sure what I’ll do tomorrow as none of the doubles received today were all that exciting…

If you haven’t done the B.O.X.E.S. yet, they’re kind of fun initially, have some special drops and, the first time for each box gets some decent XP.  If you like the Daily Assignments, this is a great opportunity to get more for your effort.  Have fun!

Birthday Celebration ending; more free stuff


Kingsisle put out the announcement below.  You have till October 1 to get the free crowns, packs and elixirs, but the double rewards stuff ends September 17, as do the Five Boxes and Lost Pages events.  You also have until October 1 collect the other free birthday stuff.  See here for the list of birthday events and the dates.

Thank You to Our Wonderful Community
We’re ending our 9th birthday with a special “Thank you!” for sticking with us through thick and thin.

You never cease to amaze us, and we are ever grateful to our loyal fans.

Redeem the code ‘BirthdayBash2017’ for a gift of 1250 Crowns, 3 energy elixirs and a Farley’s Gardening Pack in Wizard101, and 3 energy potions and a Snack Pack in Pirate101.

This giveaway ends Sunday, October 1st, 2017 at 11:59pm US Central Time. In order to be eligible for this giveaway, your account must have been created prior to September 12th, 2017. No new accounts created after this time will qualify. Keep in mind, there is only one redemption per account and the Crowns are non-transferable.

See all our Birthday details here:

9th Birthday celebration started today

Picture 2017-07-10 23-56-41

Every year Kingsisle runs a birthday celebration week, usually starting in the first week of September, and this year’s began today and runs through Tuesday, September 5, 2017.

You can log in on the Wizard101 site and pick up free items.  The Professor’s B.O.X.E.S. quests are back as well as the Lost Pages quests.  Members get double pet xp,  double gardening drops, double animus in Monstrology, and free training point buy back.

I’ve had a bunch of gardens sitting at elder harvest for weeks so it took several hours today to harvest, keep moving things around through the Shared Bank and into attics and Seed Vaults and popping to the Bazaar to sell TCs and miscellaneous snacks.

It’s a great time to buy treasure cards at the Bazaar as most gardeners have too many at this time.  Same thing for snacks.  Such big harvests, so many snacks…  The treasure card exception is gardening treasure cards, as everyone gets busy gardening during these double rewards events and that means they’re buying up gardening TCs.

Lots to do.  Good time to maximize benefits from gardening, pets and monstrology.  It’s always fun so enjoy!

Jewel Vault, B.O.X.E.S. and ho hum…

Finally got around to crafting a Jewel Vault so I could check it out.  I’ve been kind of ho hum about the game so I’ve been slow to post about it and in the slowness I’m quite late mentioning the Five B.O.X.E.S. event that’s been going on for a while now and continues through Sunday, May 14, 2017.

The Jewel Vault ingredients aren’t too bad.  You can get the rubies from the vendor right next to Tashio (from whom you buy the recipe), Aubert Quickhammer in the Shopping District has the reinforced crate if you can’t find one at the Bazaar, a number of treasure card vendors have the required cards.  Since I garden and pick up reagents whenever I see them, the pearls, scrap iron and mist wood were already in my back pack.

You use the Jewel Vault the same way you use the Seed Vault and Gear Vault:  open the housing interface, click on the Jewel Vault and when the move/pick up icons show up, click on the vault icon that appears above them to open the vault.  Once open you get the same tabs as the others have, one for what’s in your back pack, one for what’s in the vault and you can move jewels from one to the other.

The B.O.X.E.S. are located in Wizard City (level 10 and above), Marleybone (level 30 and above), Mooshu (level 40 and ab0ve), Zafaria (level 60 and above) and Avalon (level 80 and above) .  The B.O.X.E.S. have some special drops and vendors with some great recipes for housing items.  Every recipe requires a sonic spring and the only place to get them is in the B.O.X.E.S.

I usually do a few rounds in the WC box to try to collect some of the springs as I have more recipes for some of my wizards than springs with which to craft them.  Since every box has them and WC is the easiest and fastest, I prefer farming there.  If you want to try for some higher level gear, you’d have to take the extra time to farm a B.O.X. appropriate to your level.

I’ve been fairly ho hum for a while about playing the game.  I’ve left my two highest level wizards stuck at Azteca since last September.  Stopped for the Halloween stuff, sidetracked on starting new wizards on a new account to try some theories and update my guide to the game and having read about the tricky final dungeon in Azteca, have been dragging my feet about getting back to it…  Nothing about the increasingly tricky stuff above that level is enticing me and I’ve pretty much decided to just try to get them to level 100 (both now level 92) so I can get the level 100 spells.  I’ll  probably try to get several of the higher level ones I now have to 100 also — I at least have a goal of getting some more far enough through Avalon to get the Plant All spell.

When I do want to play I’ve been slowly bringing some of my lower level wizards along.  They’re at stages where I do it solo instead of opening two accounts and sometimes that’s all I feel like doing…

New furniture recipes in Telegraph Boxes

crafted furniture telegraph box recipes

As mentioned in the previous post, the Professor and his five B.O.X.E.S. are back and now, Rose Piper, the recipe vendor in the boxes, has some great new recipes for furniture and decorations available.  The event ends May 31, 2016, so make sure you get in there to buy your recipes before it disappears or you’ll have to wait till next time.

Grouped in the above photo are the first items I crafted:  Blue Canopy Bed, Sturdy Table with Bookshelf, Barnstable Stove, Sloped Blue Club Chair, and Grand Tome Repository.  Quite nice additions to the available furniture — I’m especially pleased to have the stove, as nothing I’ve been able to do in the way of kitchen furniture has quite made a kitchen seem like it had one — other than a couple of ways to make it look like cooking is done in a fireplace…

The catch (in my opinion) is that they all seem to require a Sonic Spring, which is only dropped in the B.O.X.E.S. — and no guarantee you’ll get one every time you complete one of these dungeons.  I only had five for the wizard for whom I bought these first recipes, so I couldn’t even craft all the recipes I bought.  Not in love with farming in the B.O.X.E.S. but I guess I’ll be repeating some of them to get the Springs.

Five B.O.X.E.S. are back

Royal Museum telegraph box

May 21.  A new Five B.O.X.E.S. event started Thursday and will run through May 31.

  • If you are 10th level or above, Talk to The Professor in the Wizard City Commons
  • If you are 30th level or above, Talk to The Professor in Marleybone’s Regent’s Square
  • If you are 40th level or above, Talk to The Professor in Mooshu’s Jade Palace
  • If you are 60th level or above, Talk to The Professor in Zafaria’s Baobab Crossroads
  • If you are 80th level or above, Talk to The Professor in Avalon’s Caliburn

I’ve written guides to several of the boxes:

There are some special drops in these boxes and now there are some recipes for housing items available for purchase from Rose Piper, downstairs from the Professor in each box.

Have fun!

The Professor’s Back

The Professor and his Five Boxes quests are back.  I’ve written about several before, so I’m just re-posting.  First up is the Wizard City box:

The first quest is in Wizard City.  You have to be level 10 (minimum) to get the quest from the Professor; he’s in the park near Ambrose’s house.  The Telephone Box where the quest is done is in Olde Town, near the entrance to Cyclops Lane.

Inside the box, you talk to the Professor first and then get sent to various rooms, in which you either chat with an NPC or fight a battle.  All of the battles, in my opinion, are a little tough for the lower level wizards.  I’m sure people have done it solo and level 10 but I wouldn’t advise trying.  It’s easy to Team Up for this.

If you’re in with other wizards, only one needs to go chat with each NPC on the quest — everyone will get an exclamation point with the chat and the arrow will point everyone to the next piece.  You can just wait around, click the exclamation mark to read the chat and then follow the arrow to the next battle.

There are four sets of battles inside and 11 creatures to defeat if you’re solo (a few more if there’s another wizard).  Every time you go out of the rooms into the area where the Professor is, your health renews just like it does in all the common areas, but there is no mana anywhere.  For a level 10, you have 34 mana and one potion — that’s a lot of spell lobbing to have to do with only one potion to restore mana.

Kasai Baku in WC Telephone Booth

The first fight is against Frosty Walker (Ice, 1120) and two Malformed Snowballs (Ice), 520.  The second is against Kaisu Baku (Fire, 930) and one or more Yin Snakes (Fire, 460).  The third is against 2-4 Fire Wraiths (Fire, 460), depending on how many wizards.  The final one is Grimsnes Burnback (Fire, 930) and two-three Fire Wraiths (Fire, 460).

For lower level wizards (say, under 30), I suggest having Greebly’s Pendant (gives three Snow Shields) and/or Gobblestone’s Pendant (gives three Fire Shields) if you don’t yet have Snow and/or Fire shields from your school or training points.  You can buy them at the Bazaar though sometimes you have to go back a few times to find some.  Equip Greebly’s for the Ice guys and then switch to Gobblestone’s for the rest of the quest.

I enjoy these, just for something different.  You get a bit more XP than some of these special quests offer and there are some pretty good drops.  I’ve only done the quests through Mooshu.  For my high level wizards who’ve done those it wasn’t hard, but I’d say all of them are a little tough for the lowest level wizards who are allowed  to participate unless you Team Up or go in with friends.


Mooshu Telegraph Box

Dimwood Vale

Dimwood Vale

The Professor’s Telegraph Box quest in Mooshu is the highest level I’ve done so far. Two wizards have access to the one in Zafaria so I’ll be doing that before this round of the quests ends.  Of the ones I’ve completed, Mooshu is my favorite.

Where the first two (Wizard City and Marleybone) send you to rooms that are like the sites on that world, the Mooshu quest sends you into a world that looks more like Dark Side and Sunken City — graveyard, darkness and creepy. [I’ve seen some wizards comment that it’s like Avalon — haven’t been there yet, so I can’t say]  That’s not usually my thing, but somehow this was fun for me.  You’re rescuing Dworgyn so he can become a teacher in the Death School.

There’s also a classroom straight out of Wysteria–just a visit with an NPC there.

This time around I used Team Up so I could take notes during the extra time it takes to get around the circle.  I kept getting teamed with a level 100 guy who smashed the bad guys so fast it took several times to manage to get notes on everybody 🙂

[Side note to high level folks:  you might ask before wiping everything out that fast.  While some wizards like getting the drops without doing anything and appreciate your massive spells, some of us would like to participate even if our spells aren’t as great as yours]

There are four battles:

1.  Aunt Eunice, Life, 3780; Crying Spirit, Death, 1010, 2 Rotten Scallywags, Death, 1010

2.  Aunt Eunice, Life, 3780; Aunt Millicent, Ice, 3990

3.  2 Anguished Wraiths, Death, 890

4.  Ostrame, Fire, 3870; 2 Anguished Wraiths, Death, 890

A bit formidable, I’d think, for wizards to solo at the lowest level with access, but doable.

Since I make so much gold from gardening that I’m always bumping up against the limit, I don’t really battle for drops and don’t pay much attention to them unless I’m trying for something specific (i.e., something that’s a plant “like” or a pet).  A few items received there sold at the Bazaar for a lot of gold but I didn’t scribble down what she got.

I enjoy these quests especially because they give me something different to do.  And I found this one particularly fun.  Enjoy while you can –only happening through Feb. 1.

Halloween doings… and the invisibility issue

I’ve been taking a wizard in to participate in one or more of the Professor’s quests sporadically since the quests went up.  There are five of them, one each in Wizard City, Marleybone, Mooshu, Zafaria and Avalon.  I don’t have any wizards in Avalon yet so I won’t be able to do that one.

The quests through Mooshu are really fun.  So far the Mooshu one is my favorite, just because the scene you jump into to recruit Dworgyn for the Death school is spooky and fits the Halloween season.

The opponents in these fights are  a little more powerful than the usual bad guys of the world in which the quest takes place–more at the level of the biggest opponents.  I’ve been using team up though, in a few, people have wound up jumping ship or being slow to join a fight and I had to do some of it alone.  With my highest level wizards, quite do-able, though tough.  The three I’ve done each involve several battles and more than one boss battle.

The drops are better than most of the special quests I’ve encountered and for once you get enough XP for each one (2,000-3,000 ish in the ones I’ve done so far) to be worth the time investment.

Invisible teammate and opponent

I’m still having problems about invisible opponents and, last night, I also had an invisible team mate (see above).  Fortunately I could see her pet so I had an idea where she was but not even her chat showed up.  Eventually I clicked enter to open the chat box and realized she’d said a few things but no chat balloon appeared.

Where's the Boss

I’m enjoying these quests and having something different to do, but I’d enjoy them more if I could see everything.  Seems to be sporadic as other players will report seeing the opponents who are invisible to me.  Interesting…