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Daily Assignment bonus goes on

In an unusual move, when KI changed the news feed on the opening window of the game Monday, they took off the Daily Assignment Bonus news item though it’s supposed to continue through Sunday, June 17.  Generally these events stay on the feed through their entire run.

I’m only vaguely participating in the event but I did the assignment with several wizards to check out the rewards and they were all still receiving double rewards and the rewards page still says “bonus” on the top.  It doesn’t seem to be meaning anything much for the treasure chest days except if you get a temporary mount it’s for 15 days instead of 7.  Otherwise, it’s mostly drops temporary mounts and weird housing items (and the same ones seem to show up repeatedly) it doesn’t seem the chests really give much extra.

If you like doing the Daily Assignments you apparently still have through Sunday even though they’ve dropped the announcement from the news feed.


Daily Assignment event and Pet-a-Palooza

June 1, 2018  KI announced a Daily Assignment Rewards Bonus started today and will run through June 17.  They’re also offering Pet-a-Palooza, wherein you can buy pets and some pet-related items in the Crown Shop for a sale price.

The previous Daily Assignment events offered double rewards but I noted they’re carefully not saying double.  I haven’t done any of the assignments yet so I’m not sure what the “bonus” will turn out to be.  Since I haven’t found the Daily Assignments to be worth the time they take and have been less-than-impressed by doing it even for double rewards, I’m skeptical about how likely it is we’ll receive anything that justifies wandering to far flung corners of the spiral to fight battles that take as long as finishing quests with far greater rewards.

The pets can be up to 50% off, which means many will be less off.  Personally I’d say go to the hatching kiosk and find a pet with the talents you want with which to hatch.  Many — if not most — in there require gold only and the ones that require paying something in crowns offer way lower crowns prices than the pets in the shop.

Or better yet find a friend (there are also Facebook groups you can join where you can ask to hatch for specified talents and many people who generously offer pets who have just what you want.  You can also specify the type of pet and the talents so you can get one for whom somebody else has already hatched to the perfect talent set.  No crowns at all.

But if you’ve had your eye on a favorite Crown pet and you can’t find someone with whom to hatch, now is a good moment to save.

And Double Pets returns again

Miss Gigi at Mega

Double Pets started March 22 and will run through Sunday, March 25, 2018.   You receive double XP from pet games and snacks so training pets goes much faster.

I’m still at a place where I’ve had so many disappointments weighed against how little I enjoy pet training, I didn’t do anything on day 1.  And I’m feeling pretty lethargic about bothering at any point…

The Double Daily Assignment event ended this past Sunday.  I participated with 10 wizards on two accounts (one wizard on each isn’t high enough level).  I like to open two accounts at once and port wizards to one another to speed up doing the assignments.  Even double rewards wind up leaving me feeling ho hum.  Since I garden a lot I don’t really need the gold and it arrives in amounts that would mostly only help wizards who are too low level to participate.

The arena tickets received are in such tiny numbers that for people like me who don’t collect tickets from PvP or Pet Derby, they add up to pretty much nothing.  The crowns are sort of a nice feature but in such small amounts I’m not sure if the total for each account equaled enough to buy one pack after two weeks of daily double rewards.

And the treasure chest, which theoretically could be the most fun part, for me mostly provides temporary mounts I don’t need and housing items I don’t want, both of which can’t be auctioned so I wind up either trashing or feeding to pets pretty much everything I get from the chests.

As I’ve noted before, I find the rewards, when stacked up against the time it takes, aren’t really worth it.  Particularly for my high level wizards, I can do a short quest and pick up more XP, more gold, more drops (most of which can be sold) in the same amount of time.  I know I see on the Facebook Adult Non-PvP group that some people do the assignments routinely but I rarely do and I’m not sure I’m gonna bother again when there’s a double reward event.

I’m interested to hear from people who like the Daily Assignments and why.

BOXES and Double Daily Rewards

The Five B.O.X.E.S. have been going for a week or so and a double experience for Daily Assignments event just started.  Both will end on March 4, 2018.

I started to do a little farming in the WC box for sonic springs, but as usual, one spring in multiple runs through.  It’s 4 battles in there plus running around quite a bit and I lose heart when I keep having to put in that much time and not one of the battles produces a sonic spring.

I’ve mentioned before that I don’t find the rewards for Daily Assignments to be worth the effort they often entail, so I rarely do them.  I check to see what it is and mainly only do the ones that involve just going some place easy to get to.  They like making you fight a battle (and often some place remote) or to go to some obscure place that takes quite a while to reach.  In the same amount of time I could generally earn more XP and more drops doing other things, so I have yet to see the value.

However, I am slightly more interested when the rewards double.  Not sure what I’ll do tomorrow as none of the doubles received today were all that exciting…

If you haven’t done the B.O.X.E.S. yet, they’re kind of fun initially, have some special drops and, the first time for each box gets some decent XP.  If you like the Daily Assignments, this is a great opportunity to get more for your effort.  Have fun!

Picking and choosing Daily Assignments

Aegon Statz_edited

The Daily Assignments have been around for six or eight months now. I’ve criticized them before.  So up front I’ll admit I frequently go for days or weeks without picking them up.

I’m still getting assignments that require going places to which the wizard in question hasn’t yet gotten access, which has become one of the reasons I’m sporadic about even looking at them.

Another reason is how long some of the assignments take relative to the rewards.  Some of the assignments are pretty easy and just take going to some easy-to-reach spot.  As soon as you arrive you get the reward.  Others require either going to some remote spot that takes 10 or 15 minutes to reach or defeating some kind of mob creature or both (remote spot and mob creature to defeat there).

Most of the rewards are small amounts of gold, tiny amounts of crowns and arena tickets and treasure items I mostly feed to pets or trash.  As my health has been getting better I’ve been cutting back on how much I play the game.  Sometimes I’m just in for long enough to tend gardens and I log off.

So I’ve reached the point of weighing the kind of progress I can make from doing a given task against the time it’s going to take and what other things I could accomplish.  Along with small rewards, xp for doing Daily Assignments is negligible (mainly, I think, for the quests you get occasionally and whatever you get for a battle) and they don’t advance you in the game.

In 10 or 15 minutes I can defeat a boss in Azteca and collect say, 25,000 XP, a chunk of gold and a list of drops that might sell for 25,000+ gold (not to mention that I’ve just moved myself along in the game).  Even if it’s just Marleybone or Mooshu where a wizard is questing you’re still talking about hundreds and sometimes thousands of XP, decent gold, drops and advancing farther in the game.

If I look at an assignment and I’m either gonna have to spend a long time getting to the far reaches of some world or traveling to and then fighting a mob, I just quit for that wizard and  “play” the next to check her assignment.  Some days I look at a bunch and don’t do any.

I’m curious how others are finding the Daily Assignments.  Do you love them?  Ever do them?  Find the rewards worth the time spent?



Double Daily Assignment Rewards goes on

Aegon Statz_edited

I posted over a week ago that KI had started a Double Rewards deal for Daily Assignments.  I couldn’t find an ending date and speculated it would be the usual four to five day run.  To my amazement it is still going over a week later.

So far only one of my wizards has received any assignment to an area she’s not reached yet (had to port her in).  And though a few things have required a long haul to the Haunted Cave, there haven’t been as many as usual involving a trek to the far reaches of some world.  Most of them have been well below the level of higher level wizards (for my lowest level ones they can’t go too far below where they are 🙂 )

While this double deal is going on I’ve been having all the eligible wizards (must be level 12) doing the assignments every day.  I open both membership accounts and it makes it a bit easier that I can port one to another and, if necessary, have two of them battle the same kind of creature.  I’m more willing to do these when the assignments are (1) to areas to which they have access, (2) the assignments are pretty easy; and (3) most of the assignments don’t involve spending half an hour just getting to a remote location.

I’ve now done enough of these to have figured out the days of treasure chests (every fifth day)  you DO NOT get two items, though I think the items have by and large been a little better.  And on the days you have an exclamation point (toward the end of each 15 day cycle), which means you have a little quest to do, you just get double the XP and gold for the quest itself, not double the drops if there’s a battle.

I’ve done enough of these now to realize how relatively small the returns are for these assignments.  It’s barely worth it to me to do these even for the double rewards.  I can see a big piece of my reluctance to do them when it’s not double has been an–until now– barely conscious feeling they often take more time than the reward justifies.

They’ve been fond, at least until now, of choosing obscure locations or hard-to-find creatures (sometimes both).  If I’m going to spend 15-30 or more minutes* sidetracking from quests with far more XP and better drops in order to do one of these assignments, I need to get more for it.  The ones where you just go to a shop or enter an area — providing it’s not in some remote place — seem like a pretty fair match for the reward.

Anyway, the Double Rewards deal is still going as of today, so it’s a chance to get a little more of a return for doing these assignments.

*My worst case was spending an hour finding the Crystal Caves in Avalon –easy to do when you’re on the quests and the quest arrow is showing where you have to walk through a wall, but very hard to find without. Seriously not worth the returns, but I was determined to find it.  See this post for directions.



Double Rewards on Daily Assignments

Aegon Statz_edited

KI has introduced a new “double rewards” event for an unspecified number of days (the usual would be either through Sunday July 31 or Monday August 1 (2016)).  This time if you’re a member you get double rewards for completing the Daily Assignments.

Basically , if your wizard is on a day with a reward of gold, it’s twice the gold.  If it’s the day for arena tickets, you get double the tickets.  If it’s a day for Crowns, you get double the crowns.  My wizards who’ve been on a “chest” day have still just gotten one item, so apparently the double thing doesn’t count for the chest.  I haven’t had anybody hit one of the exclamation point days so far, so I’m not sure what will happen – possibly double the drops for whatever quest you get?  Or you have to do two quests 🙂 ?

If you’re already a member, it’s a nice little perk.  So far I’m not seeing any sign that there’s enough of a boost to rewards that I’d pay for a month of membership on my third account in order to participate.  But, I’ve put aside my “boycott” of the Daily Assignments to check out the double rewards with all eligible wizards on my two membership accounts.

So far no one has gotten an assignment that asks her to go some place to which she doesn’t have access, as happened so often.  So far they’ve also been pretty easy to get to and easy to complete.  Another of my objections to the assignments has been how often they make you go to the farthest reaches of some world or fight some obscure type of creature.

If you already have a membership, I’d say take advantage of the opportunity to gather some extra gold, tickets, and crowns.  If you’re not a member, save your $6 for a double pet rewards or double garden rewards occasion.



Directions to Crystal Caves and Night Garden

Today’s Daily Assignment for some higher level wizards is another example of why I don’t do these most of the time.  The assignment is to go to the Night Garden in the Crystal Caves in Avalon.  This is the second time they’ve had the assignment.  It’s an obscure location in Avalon, doesn’t show up on any of the maps and it appears no one has ever written a guide to getting there (at least no search term I could come up with led to one).

The first time they had this assignment it took me an hour to find it and by the time I did I’d lost track of what I did to get there and didn’t take any pictures, so other than remembering you have to basically walk through a wall down in the Catacombs, it took me quite a while again to get there.  They seem to like sending us to far flung places for these assignments and this is the most obscure I’ve encountered so far.  Since this doesn’t show up as a quest and you can’t use quest finder, it’s pretty frustrating.

I’m a little late getting this up for helping people today on this assignment but since they’re apparently going to keep meting this one out, I’m hoping it will help in the future.

If you use the world gate to get to Avalon, you’ll  enter with the circle of teleporter gates around you.  The first one to the left is the gate to the Catacombs.  Use it.  When you get to the Catacombs, move toward your left and along the wall.  At the first opening/hallway on your left, go down the hall.  You’ll come to a room with a mob in the middle and a dungeon across the room to your right.  The entryway you want is almost directly across from you and slightly to the left.  This room is easy to skirt around and miss the mob.  In the picture below, you can see the direction thing pointing to Crystal Cave.

Picture 2016-07-17 20-21-34

The map thing gets a little confusing in this one because the journey twists and turns and the arrow often points you to a wall or a recess you can’t penetrate.  When you get around this first room and go down the hall you’re at the hardest room to get through.  The Storm mobs in here have a couple of points,  one on each side of the room, where they go so close to the wall you can’t get by without getting caught.  So if you don’t want an extra battle, you need to wait till the line of them clears –there’s usually a small break between groups.  I go to the right and on the other side of the room is another hallway.

Confusing Crystal Caves arrow

Confusing Crystal Caves arrow

First room down. tough passage

First room down. tough passage

The next room down you’ll see the Lady in the Lake just to your right as you enter.  Go by her and stay to your right.  The next passageway you have to almost make a U to the right to get into it, so it’s easy to blow past it.


Crystal Cave Guide 1

The Death mob here is pretty easy to get past.  The strong right and journey down the next hallway takes you to another room with the same Death mobs. Stay to the right again, a very short distance to the entry into another area.

Crystal Cave Guide 2

This room has a well in the middle, NPC Sir Patrick is to your right and, as you can see in the picture, the way into the Crystal Caves is basically to go through the wall directly across from you.  Just skirt around the well and head for where the arrow is pointing.

Crystal Cave Guide 3

When you enter there’s a kind of long pathway down to another open room with a mob.  I always head to the left but I don’t think it matters.  Skirt the mob and go down the hallway across the way. You get to a second open area with a mob.  Again I skirt to the left and go through the doorway to another hall.  Dragon’s Den is in this area.  Take the pathway to your left and you’ll do a bit of winding as you move downward on the path.

Picture 2016-07-17 20-49-01

The crystal walkway down into the Night Garden is easy to miss as it’s such a drop, but it looks like this:

Picture 2016-07-17 20-48-24

Just head down the blue crystal path and the Night Garden “sign” will pop up as you go down.  Once it appears you’ve completed the assignment.

Picture 2016-07-17 16-12-17



More daily assignment woes

No Midnighter

As I’ve previously mentioned, I’ve had troubles from the beginning with getting assignments requiring access to areas to which my wizard doesn’t have access.  I also quickly grew tired of how many of these assignments require going to obscure places.  Now I can add assignments to defeat rare mob creatures you can’t find.

After a long spell of skipping the Daily Assignments altogether, I opened two accounts and took in two nearly same-level wizards who got the same assignment, defeat a Midnighter in Chelsea Court.  I sent one off to Chelsea Court and flew her around and around and around without seeing any.  So I finally did a search and ran into a discussion about it, informing me there are only two Midnighters, who are usually next to William Pugley.  But also telling me people are having trouble with going there and finding no Midnighters.

I finally put both wizards in that location and started trading them off on changing realms.  One of them managed to hit a realm where people were already fighting the only two Midnighters.  Fifteen minutes later I finally closed both accounts in disgust, having never been able to complete the assignment.

Particularly annoying is that I see from the chatter this is not the first time they’ve created an assignment and then left people unable to find any of the creatures they’re supposed to defeat.

From the get go this daily assignment thing has felt as if it wasn’t well thought out and it feels like somebody’s just randomly tossing out assignments without any prep to make sure the assignment works and is being given to people with the right access to get to them.  So I’m going back to ignoring them…